the handwriting project 44/365

a dream is a wish your heart makes... this is something no storm can ever take away. 44 of 365. imperial nib, winsor and newton ink on rhodia

the handwriting project 42/365

calligraphy as i see it is just more than friction and flow of pen and ink on paper.  more than just practicing a skill, handwriting is producing something beautiful out of words. these are the reasons why i have taken on the challenge of writing pretty everyday.  my 42nd out of 365. 

the handwriting project 1/365

handwriting may soon be a lost art... i hope not. here's my humble effort to make sure that does not happen.  i will make sure that i write everyday. i write. i snap. and i share what i wrote. no, not a novel... but little words, meaningful ones to inspire your day and possibly inspire … Continue reading the handwriting project 1/365