Fancy Girl giveaway

My favorite web designer Pat of Fancy Girl Design Studio is celebrating her birthday with another fantastic giveaway! Drop over her site and check it out.

the handwriting project 5/365

ironically, our harshest critic is ourselves.  we need to be constantly reminded that all of us, yes, that means you and me are meant for greatness.greatness is not defined by the fame and wealth we acquire but by the good things we do for ourselves and others through selfless acts of kindness.  it can be … Continue reading the handwriting project 5/365

post Mothers’ Day post

when my family and i were getting ready for a day out last Saturday, i was wondering what was taking my 7 and 9-year old daughters so long to get dressed.  we have pampered them quite too much and they are just learning how to do things on their own.  so i have figured they … Continue reading post Mothers’ Day post