the handwriting project 47/365

the left and the right sides of our brains take us to different planes.  while one allows us to think and analyze, the other part gives us the ability to stretch out beyond boundaries, imposing no limits, allowing our imagination to soar. prefer not, one over the other.  harness them both. 47 of 365 using … Continue reading the handwriting project 47/365

the handwriting project 45/365

go the extra mile and do not be afraid to fail.  staying inside your comfort zone might reduce failure, it also reduces your chances of finding the 'amazing' in you. good morning.

the handwriting project 44/365

a dream is a wish your heart makes... this is something no storm can ever take away. 44 of 365. imperial nib, winsor and newton ink on rhodia

the handwriting project 42/365

calligraphy as i see it is just more than friction and flow of pen and ink on paper.  more than just practicing a skill, handwriting is producing something beautiful out of words. these are the reasons why i have taken on the challenge of writing pretty everyday.  my 42nd out of 365. 

the handwriting project 39/365

there is no shortage of people who have so much to say about everything.  a lot of people demand for change.  and we hear them ranting loudly online and offline.there's one way to up the ante... would you like to give it a try?39 of 365. tachikawa g-nib. rhodia paper. winsor & newton ink 

the handwriting project 38/365

if there is someone who inspires me a lot about perseverance, it is the gentleman who've invented the lightbulb.  he was open about and was never ashamed of his failures.  it was Thomas Edison who said that our greatest weakness lies on giving up and that the only way to succeed is tor try just … Continue reading the handwriting project 38/365

the handwriting project 33/365

people tend to complain a lot.  have you seen your fb news feed today?  the availability of avenues such as social network sites and blogs has unleashed the tiger in the most timid of us. and just because the people around you is in a bad mood does not mean you should join them.  go find … Continue reading the handwriting project 33/365