early morning craft

i woke up.. its the first day of July... i skipped by usual 5-minutes-more and sped to the washroom and freshen up.  i immediately ran to my corner table and got crafting.  it's a special day today.i've brought out my carving kit, my heykessy washi tapes, paper, bakers' twine.i've spent a few moments taking a … Continue reading early morning craft

the handwriting project 26/365

 using a smaller nib with extra fine point (hunt 104), here is today's practice sheet.  i have had this nib for quite sometime now and i have finally made something worthy enough to post.  it features slender letters with delicate flourishes.  the technique may not be flawless but with words this beautiful, i hope you … Continue reading the handwriting project 26/365

the handwriting project 25/365

oh dear, oh dear.... just when i was done writing quite a long verse, i carelessly planted my hand on my work and lo and behold... there was ink on my hand... *sigh*o well, am posting this practice sheet anyway. featuring an apache wedding blessing. lovely words, it made me teary eyed while i was writing … Continue reading the handwriting project 25/365

the handwriting project 24/365

we all have taken a fall.  but our roads do not end there.  there could be a rock or a mountain that separates us from where we want to go.  but happiness is just there.  it could be over, under, inside or out, let's just keep our minds open and keep on hoping.today, i have … Continue reading the handwriting project 24/365

the handwriting project 18/365

 it has been 19 years since i first set eyes on him and it has been 19 years since i've loved him.this lettering practice is for my husband who has given me so much more than i ever deserve. thank you for all the love.  

the handwriting project 15/365

 we all have our different oddities and quirks as human beings.  no exception. we may not like everything about people close to us and it is wonderful how we accept the inspites. 

the handwriting project 10/365

trends give people an idea of what people are into at the moment. for others, {oh, there are just a few of them}  they look at trends and see things they shouldn't do or follow because they might fade in a sea of similars.we shouldn't let trends rule us. finding a balance is key.  it's … Continue reading the handwriting project 10/365

the handwriting project 6/365

today's practice is one of mark twain's.  language must not deter us from making connections with anyone.  kindness is something everybody can understand and more importantly it is something every one of us is capable of giving. may this encourage you to show a stranger a little act of kindness today. 6 down, 359 to … Continue reading the handwriting project 6/365

the handwriting project 5/365

ironically, our harshest critic is ourselves.  we need to be constantly reminded that all of us, yes, that means you and me are meant for greatness.greatness is not defined by the fame and wealth we acquire but by the good things we do for ourselves and others through selfless acts of kindness.  it can be … Continue reading the handwriting project 5/365

post Mothers’ Day post

when my family and i were getting ready for a day out last Saturday, i was wondering what was taking my 7 and 9-year old daughters so long to get dressed.  we have pampered them quite too much and they are just learning how to do things on their own.  so i have figured they … Continue reading post Mothers’ Day post