the handwriting project 34/365

we like it much when sweet things come our way but sometimes though we don't really like what life throws at us.   best that we stand our ground and not let disappointment distract us from keeping ourselves balanced to catch that curved ball. if we keep neglecting negative energies, it will go away forever. and i … Continue reading the handwriting project 34/365

the handwriting project 30/365

just when you think the weather is perfect, lightning strikes. and just when i thought i was going to finish tonight's practice without a hitch... blot happens.  aargh...  i've tried saving it by carefully blotting the excess ink but that made matters worse. So, i just took a deep breath... and let go. in the … Continue reading the handwriting project 30/365

the handwriting project 29/365

such an assertive, feisty, in-your-face rah-rah to self from one of the greatest minds in our history.29 of 365. long way to go, but i'll get there.go rock this weekend, don't let it rock you! 

the handwriting project 27/365

disney movies are made primarily with kids in mind. but there is no denying that there's a lot of inspiration we can get as grown-ups from Disney.  while the kids take away character visuals and songs after seeing a Disney film, grown-ups consciously or unconsciously get life lessons embedded in the plot. the quote i … Continue reading the handwriting project 27/365

the handwriting project 26/365

 using a smaller nib with extra fine point (hunt 104), here is today's practice sheet.  i have had this nib for quite sometime now and i have finally made something worthy enough to post.  it features slender letters with delicate flourishes.  the technique may not be flawless but with words this beautiful, i hope you … Continue reading the handwriting project 26/365

the handwriting project 25/365

oh dear, oh dear.... just when i was done writing quite a long verse, i carelessly planted my hand on my work and lo and behold... there was ink on my hand... *sigh*o well, am posting this practice sheet anyway. featuring an apache wedding blessing. lovely words, it made me teary eyed while i was writing … Continue reading the handwriting project 25/365

the handwriting project 24/365

we all have taken a fall.  but our roads do not end there.  there could be a rock or a mountain that separates us from where we want to go.  but happiness is just there.  it could be over, under, inside or out, let's just keep our minds open and keep on, i have … Continue reading the handwriting project 24/365

the handwriting project 22/365

it's been a while since i have sent something via post.  excited as i was, i have decided to go the extra mile and used calligraphy to write the address.i initially wrote directly on the envelope but learned too late that it does not absorb ink well. oops... one envelope wasted, sorry.  then i have … Continue reading the handwriting project 22/365