the handwriting project 38/365

if there is someone who inspires me a lot about perseverance, it is the gentleman who've invented the lightbulb.  he was open about and was never ashamed of his failures.  it was Thomas Edison who said that our greatest weakness lies on giving up and that the only way to succeed is tor try just … Continue reading the handwriting project 38/365

the handwriting project 37/365

i love Dr Seuss and i have one of the many reasons why, written here in freestyle calligraphy. Dr Seuss is such a timeless literature and its appeal spans across age groups. this quote is such an inspiration to all those who have grown to conform.  the need to belong has sadly made us copycats … Continue reading the handwriting project 37/365

the handwriting project 36/365

it's my first time to write with white and i loved it!  it was also my first time to use black paper and loved it too.  looking at this practice sheet for today, reminds me that contrasting elements in art as well as in life is good. putting them together, letting them clash, when done … Continue reading the handwriting project 36/365

the handwriting project 34/365

we like it much when sweet things come our way but sometimes though we don't really like what life throws at us.   best that we stand our ground and not let disappointment distract us from keeping ourselves balanced to catch that curved ball. if we keep neglecting negative energies, it will go away forever. and i … Continue reading the handwriting project 34/365

the handwriting project 33/365

people tend to complain a lot.  have you seen your fb news feed today?  the availability of avenues such as social network sites and blogs has unleashed the tiger in the most timid of us. and just because the people around you is in a bad mood does not mean you should join them.  go find … Continue reading the handwriting project 33/365


this morning, i have attended my first papercutting workshop, ably conducted by super crafter Mansy of Hey Kessy. i went in with mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety.  the only paper cutting i have done were the ones using scissors! once, i have tried doing something intricate with a craft cutter but... let's move on … Continue reading washi+papercutting

the handwriting project 32/365

   sometimes we dream big and it's ok.  while some of 'em dreams seem galaxies away, it still pays to have them there.  yes, they can look like nothing more than a speck of light but just like stars these little big dreams help light up our dark nights.have a great evening everyone! 

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