the handwriting project 42/365

calligraphy as i see it is just more than friction and flow of pen and ink on paper.  more than just practicing a skill, handwriting is producing something beautiful out of words. these are the reasons why i have taken on the challenge of writing pretty everyday.  my 42nd out of 365. 

the handwriting project 38/365

if there is someone who inspires me a lot about perseverance, it is the gentleman who've invented the lightbulb.  he was open about and was never ashamed of his failures.  it was Thomas Edison who said that our greatest weakness lies on giving up and that the only way to succeed is tor try just … Continue reading the handwriting project 38/365

the handwriting project 37/365

i love Dr Seuss and i have one of the many reasons why, written here in freestyle calligraphy. Dr Seuss is such a timeless literature and its appeal spans across age groups. this quote is such an inspiration to all those who have grown to conform.  the need to belong has sadly made us copycats … Continue reading the handwriting project 37/365