doodle time

i was killing time earlier when i drew this image of Finn. when my daughters who are fans of the show saw it they immediately took turns tracing my pen drawing. i was surprised to see how my youngest took the single image of Finn to a different level.i am humbled by her imagination.   

washi in school

notebook fillers.  i remember the first time i have used these thin notebooks were in high school.  to my surprise my grade 2 schooler has been supplied with this kind of notebook this school year.  how on earth can we expect a 7 year old handle such a flimsy notebook with enough care for it … Continue reading washi in school

the handwriting project 14/365

we all love babies, don't we?  their fragility makes us treat them like fine china.  with good reasons of course.  but babies grow up and sometimes grown-ups refuse to realize it. while it gives us joy to see our kids live comfortably under our care, i believe it is at the best interest of the … Continue reading the handwriting project 14/365

the handwriting project 8/365

The Little Prince teaches us about inner beauty. I would say this book is an important read for our children.  As media and society portrays beauty as superficial, our kids must realize that is not the case.  We have to care about what they think is beautiful.  That it's not about the size one wears … Continue reading the handwriting project 8/365