canyon grandness

I was browsing through my photos and stumbled upon this one I realized I took very little photos of our trip to the Grand Canyon.  I remember the bus ride up to the vantage point was nothing more like a bus ride to Baguio, except for the occasional deer sightings.  I’ve had a glimpse of…

Rediscovering my blog

Today, after a very long time, I have decided to revisit my blog.   The last entry was dated November 25, 2013.  Exactly 864 days ago.  It was no surprise that I have forgotten my login details.  I have in fact spent close to an hour trying to find that out (including the blog’s URL).…

the handwriting project 47/365

the left and the right sides of our brains take us to different planes.  while one allows us to think and analyze, the other part gives us the ability to stretch out beyond boundaries, imposing no limits, allowing our imagination to soar. prefer not, one over the other.  harness them both. 47 of 365 using…

the handwriting project 46/365

just when there’s much chaos and disorder, take a few minutes to take in some calmness. it works wonders.


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About Me

hello, i am lulu. i used to make a living by creating advertising strategies and help build brands. i’ve done that for decades, and now, i am twice a retiree. yup, i’ve had an on-off relationship with agency life – twice i called it quits, and twice i returned. now is an OFF moment with that chaotic world where i often lose my sense of self. now, i am living and loving the new passions i’ve found in quiet pursuit of self.

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