the handwriting project 18/365

 it has been 19 years since i first set eyes on him and it has been 19 years since i've loved him.this lettering practice is for my husband who has given me so much more than i ever deserve. thank you for all the love.  

the handwriting project 15/365

 we all have our different oddities and quirks as human beings.  no exception. we may not like everything about people close to us and it is wonderful how we accept the inspites. 

the handwriting project 14/365

we all love babies, don't we?  their fragility makes us treat them like fine china.  with good reasons of course.  but babies grow up and sometimes grown-ups refuse to realize it. while it gives us joy to see our kids live comfortably under our care, i believe it is at the best interest of the … Continue reading the handwriting project 14/365

the handwriting project 13/365

who cares about how you rock your hairstyle? who cares about how you pair your tops and bottoms? who cares about where you shop? who cares about where you eat? who cares about who you shop and eat with?no one.i reckon, those who will say something about these things about you are probably not your … Continue reading the handwriting project 13/365

the handwriting project 12/365

still on my bucket list is to visit the city of light - i'll see you someday. meanwhile, indulge me with this humble sketch mono-colored drawing with watercolor and ink, colored digitally.

the handwriting project 11/365

 today's post is about an introspective of things most important.with the advent of technology each one of us has evolved as multi-taskers, taking on several tasks and doing it simultaneously with the least amount of time.  while it seems to improve productivity, sadly, it compromises quality.  it also blurs our focus on things that are … Continue reading the handwriting project 11/365

the handwriting project 10/365

trends give people an idea of what people are into at the moment. for others, {oh, there are just a few of them}  they look at trends and see things they shouldn't do or follow because they might fade in a sea of similars.we shouldn't let trends rule us. finding a balance is key.  it's … Continue reading the handwriting project 10/365

washi love

ever since i have seen one of these on etsy and got one for myself, i haven't stopped getting more.  it has grown in to a hundred or so rolls now... i love washi tapes!  they're colorful, they're beautiful, they're easy to tear, and they don't leave ugly glue marks when you change your mind … Continue reading washi love