surviving another race

image by daniel mackieyesterday, i woke up two hours earlier than usual.  this was because i was registered to run for Earth Day.i am a novice when it comes to running.  i only run on weekends.  and when i have learned that i was running 5k just a day earlier, anxiety came in.  i did … Continue reading surviving another race

It’s Amazing!

image by:  works of heartMy favorite webdesigner Pat uploaded a number of digital posters today and this one struck a chord.With most of us preoccupied with allsorts, most of the time we get up in the morning like machines.  We're very mechanical. Already our minds making a mental map of what needs to be done during … Continue reading It’s Amazing!

Positive Steps

image by miss caprichoBuongiorno!now, these European daydreams have been leading me to a lot of good lately.First, i am inspired to do better in my enterprise - gotta make more money! more money means I am closer to my first European adventure - no extra money means i stay home while hubby takes off on … Continue reading Positive Steps

European Daydreams

image by stylishgoose.comA few weeks ago, hubby excitedly mentioned a trip he will be having several months from now.  He made me guess where, I immediately said"New York!" ...... nah!"India?" ..... nah!"UK?"  ..... nope."Australia,  New Zealand,  Japan???"  ..... no, no, no.He said he has a scheduled trip to..... tada.... Sicily!!!What?!!  What a lucky man.  Lucky … Continue reading European Daydreams

Hello Tuesday!

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday morning!What plans have you got for today?Tuesday is really not the most popular day of the week.  There's not a lot to remember it by. Reasons like, it's not a weekend, It's not the first day of the week nor is it the last, its not even the middle. It's a … Continue reading Hello Tuesday!

Making a list for 2011

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope everybody had a grand time during the holidays. Well, most of us has gone back to work and school fresh and recharged!   Have you drafted your resolutions for 2011?  I haven't.  Not because I do not have bad habits to break and goals to make.  I have 'em … Continue reading Making a list for 2011

i am a shutterbug

ever since i got a hold of my first self-bought camera (kodak advantix), i have fallen in love with taking photographs... i found myself drawn to shooting landscapes - something I used to draw all the time when I was still without a camera. Eventually, I moved up to digital - Canon Ixus. And i … Continue reading i am a shutterbug