canyon grandness

I was browsing through my photos and stumbled upon this one I realized I took very little photos of our trip to the Grand Canyon.  I remember the bus ride up to the vantage point was nothing more like a bus ride to Baguio, except for the occasional deer sightings.  I've had a glimpse of … Continue reading canyon grandness

Rediscovering my blog

Today, after a very long time, I have decided to revisit my blog.   The last entry was dated November 25, 2013.  Exactly 864 days ago.  It was no surprise that I have forgotten my login details.  I have in fact spent close to an hour trying to find that out (including the blog's URL). … Continue reading Rediscovering my blog

we need laughter

by the reluctant blogger [bebas, larger mime, oksana]what happens when laughter happens no more?while most would recall their own childhood laughter from playtime with their friends, i have sourced mine from watching the screen tube just before my mandatory afternoon naps.  back then, comedy was different.  there was no need for harsh language and gruff … Continue reading we need laughter

i love

by the reluctant bloggerme:  i'm having a headachemy husband:  take meds[you see, he's quite logical - all the time]me:  i mean, i'm having a headache, please give me a massagemy husband:  o, i see, come here then...[then, he turns it all around by being the sweetest person in the world]a few days ago, he turned … Continue reading i love

the best job in the world

When I have decided to give up my corporate hat and be a stay home mum, I have become a subject of envy by colleagues and friends.  I will be lying if I say I do not know where that was coming from.  After all, unlike them, I will be spared of the daily office … Continue reading the best job in the world

the red-haired doll

yesterday, we have sent off daughter to her first field trip.  this wasn't really her first time, but it was her first time to go without us as her chaperone. my daughter though she's already seven is still a baby.  she still has to figure out how to zip her skirt, tie her shoe lace … Continue reading the red-haired doll


pitter. patter. pitter. patter. pant. pant. splish. splash. pitter. patter. past the 2km mark, it seemed i have already covered 4km.  that wasn't a good sign.  inside my mind, i was asking what form and what mindset would i be in by the time i reach 5km?  then thoughts kept playing... in this condition, how … Continue reading 1:25:20

of soles and heels

just over a year ago, my shoe closet was a busy one.  each pair of heels gets their own dose of sunshine as i strut my way to the office five times a week.  i hardly wear flats.  i only own two or so but i've always thought flat shoes make me look tad wider. … Continue reading of soles and heels


it isn't hard to find happiness.its all over us. like falling leaves on a windy day, it hovers around looking for somebody to notice as it gracefully twirls around and dances to the sound of the wind.  sadly though, most of us would bow our heads, careful not to get dust in our eyes and made-up … Continue reading happiness

sun shines

the sun is shining on this side of the web.  my favorite designer of Fancy Girl Designs is giving me a free blog makeover!  thanks for being my sunshine today, Pat.meanwhile, this reluctant blogger is saying