Rediscovering my blog

Today, after a very long time, I have decided to revisit my blog.   The last entry was dated November 25, 2013.  Exactly 864 days ago.  It was no surprise that I have forgotten my login details.  I have in fact spent close to an hour trying to find that out (including the blog’s URL).  Whew!

As soon as I landed on my page, the first thing I noticed was how ugly my header was! Ugh! I was like, “What was I thinking?” The image I used was something I have handwritten but haphazardly digitized – it was pathetic.

my old header – it’s gone now

So, I navigated through the dashboard and tried to re-learn how to customize my blog.  Now, the header I am using is a cropped image of something I drew a few weeks back. And now, the blog sports a new look.

handmade by:

I have also managed to import some of my old posts from my blogspot page.  Unlike some bloggers who seemed to have an organized blog plan for an entire year, I blog occasionally, only about things that I feel strongly about (crafting, parenting, inspiration).

My handwriting project, which dominates my page from hereon back, started as a challenge which I ended up losing.  I initially planned to post one calligraphy practice sheet per day for 365 days.  It was an effort to practice and share the joys of calligraphy and handwriting.  But do note that I did not stop writing offline.  I just stopped posting. And in that respect, I did not fail.  I still regularly pick up my pen and ink away.  (visit my IG page to see my progress)

And now that I have rediscovered my blog, I wish to write more.  I wish to share more.

See you around!



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