crafting an outfit


do you ever have episodes where you say “i don’t have anything to wear” while staring at a closet full of clothes?  well, i’ve had that this morning.  eventually, i’ve ended up with my favorite tee-jeans ensemble and wore a chunky piece of necklace just for kicks.

inspired by this fashion dilemna, indulge me as i share with you something i have crafted today.

i’ve started with a blank canvass and rolls of washi loves from hey kessy.  my washi tapes are my top-of-mind go-to materials when i feel like creating something because they are just so beautiful and versatile.

i fashioned a look book for the day using coordinating washi tape designs.  i’ve sculpted the dress, the bag, shades and shoes free hand. 

and this is how it turned out.  something to wear when you’re out with the girls.

Imagei hope you guys like it.  have a great weekend ahead!



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