what is a zentangle

zentangle is the art of drawing images using repetitive patterns. i have been seeing such artwork around and have been curious about how to make such intricate artwork.  i thought it was simply called doodles and realized not too long ago, that there’s a proper name for this artform – zentangle. well, i have tried doing it today. 

Imagei have realized that it is not as complicated as it looks.  it starts with a line followed by another line to outline it. the spaces created in between the lines make room for random patterns.  just draw anything inside the spaces, there are no rules. 

i should have taken a series of photos to show how the drawing evolved… o well, too late for regrets.  a how-to post coming soon. 

meanwhile, here’s another one i made tonight, not quite done.  Image

i’ll definitely make more in the days to come.  try it yourself.  it’s quite therapeutic and inspiring.




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