the handwriting project 22/365

it’s been a while since i have sent something via post.  excited as i was, i have decided to go the extra mile and used calligraphy to write the address.

i initially wrote directly on the envelope but learned too late that it does not absorb ink well. oops… one envelope wasted, sorry.  then i have decided to write the address on a nib-and-ink-friendly paper and taped it on the envelope.  that one worked.

Imagei hope the receiver would like it as much as i have enjoyed making it. 

when was the last time you have received something from the post?



2 thoughts on “the handwriting project 22/365

  1. Ohhh I’ve wanted to try out Calligraphy for a while now. I’m so impressed that you can do it :). I even have a calligraphy set that I got for Christmas from a friend, but I still haven’t used it. I think the last time I received something in the mail was during my birthday earlier in the year. But a friend of mine mailed me a letter,so I’m eagerly awaiting that at the moment :).

    1. ohh, thanks so much. you are so kind. i am very new at this skill. and this series of posts i have going on is a commitment to get better at calligraphy. 🙂 you can learn on your own just by looking through tons of video/tutorials available.

      thanks for dropping by. have a great weekend!

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