the handwriting project 28/365

  all of us are surrounded by different things that warrant our concern. concern for our kids, our safety, our finances, relationships, our faith and ourselves. so for today's practice sheet, i was drawn to this verse from the bible.  i believe that no matter how deep our sense of worries are right now, what … Continue reading the handwriting project 28/365

the handwriting project 27/365

disney movies are made primarily with kids in mind. but there is no denying that there's a lot of inspiration we can get as grown-ups from Disney.  while the kids take away character visuals and songs after seeing a Disney film, grown-ups consciously or unconsciously get life lessons embedded in the plot. the quote i … Continue reading the handwriting project 27/365

the handwriting project 26/365

 using a smaller nib with extra fine point (hunt 104), here is today's practice sheet.  i have had this nib for quite sometime now and i have finally made something worthy enough to post.  it features slender letters with delicate flourishes.  the technique may not be flawless but with words this beautiful, i hope you … Continue reading the handwriting project 26/365

what is a zentangle

zentangle is the art of drawing images using repetitive patterns. i have been seeing such artwork around and have been curious about how to make such intricate artwork.  i thought it was simply called doodles and realized not too long ago, that there's a proper name for this artform - zentangle. well, i have tried … Continue reading what is a zentangle

the handwriting project 25/365

oh dear, oh dear.... just when i was done writing quite a long verse, i carelessly planted my hand on my work and lo and behold... there was ink on my hand... *sigh*o well, am posting this practice sheet anyway. featuring an apache wedding blessing. lovely words, it made me teary eyed while i was writing … Continue reading the handwriting project 25/365

the handwriting project 24/365

we all have taken a fall.  but our roads do not end there.  there could be a rock or a mountain that separates us from where we want to go.  but happiness is just there.  it could be over, under, inside or out, let's just keep our minds open and keep on, i have … Continue reading the handwriting project 24/365

the handwriting project 22/365

it's been a while since i have sent something via post.  excited as i was, i have decided to go the extra mile and used calligraphy to write the address.i initially wrote directly on the envelope but learned too late that it does not absorb ink well. oops... one envelope wasted, sorry.  then i have … Continue reading the handwriting project 22/365

crafting on a rainy afternoon

somethin's crafting today at the workroom. something that smells sweet... and looks sweet... care to guess? UPDATE: finished crafting.  it's a keychain (or bagcharm - depends on your mood), handcut, handsewn, with dried French lavender buds sandwiched between the fabrics. this one is going out to a lady from Maryland. i craft for my etsy … Continue reading crafting on a rainy afternoon