post Mothers’ Day post

when my family and i were getting ready for a day out last Saturday, i was wondering what was taking my 7 and 9-year old daughters so long to get dressed.  we have pampered them quite too much and they are just learning how to do things on their own.  so i have figured they might have been having a hard time deciding what to wear or how to tie their hair neatly. so i went in and checked.

when i came in their room, they ran excitedly to me and gave me this package.  it was funny because before they said what it was for, they apologized for using my washi tape, my marker and kraft paper :)…


oh, so that’s what’s keeping them… awww… it was heartwarming… never mind that they used up too much of my favorite plaid washi tape, and never mind that the book they wrapped was the book they have borrowed from my shelf… i love that book and they know it… it’s all that matters.

i am sure most moms out there got their own stories to share.

have a great day!

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