the handwriting project 12/365

still on my bucket list is to visit the city of light - i'll see you someday. meanwhile, indulge me with this humble sketch mono-colored drawing with watercolor and ink, colored digitally.

the handwriting project 11/365

 today's post is about an introspective of things most important.with the advent of technology each one of us has evolved as multi-taskers, taking on several tasks and doing it simultaneously with the least amount of time.  while it seems to improve productivity, sadly, it compromises quality.  it also blurs our focus on things that are … Continue reading the handwriting project 11/365

the handwriting project 10/365

trends give people an idea of what people are into at the moment. for others, {oh, there are just a few of them}  they look at trends and see things they shouldn't do or follow because they might fade in a sea of similars.we shouldn't let trends rule us. finding a balance is key.  it's … Continue reading the handwriting project 10/365

washi love

ever since i have seen one of these on etsy and got one for myself, i haven't stopped getting more.  it has grown in to a hundred or so rolls now... i love washi tapes!  they're colorful, they're beautiful, they're easy to tear, and they don't leave ugly glue marks when you change your mind … Continue reading washi love

the handwriting project 9/365

on very good days just like today, i find myself singing this line from a famous disney fairytale... I love fairy tales! it somehow keeps our childhood dreams tucked in somewhere inside our grownup selves. What's your favorite fairytale?

the handwriting project 8/365

The Little Prince teaches us about inner beauty. I would say this book is an important read for our children.  As media and society portrays beauty as superficial, our kids must realize that is not the case.  We have to care about what they think is beautiful.  That it's not about the size one wears … Continue reading the handwriting project 8/365

the handwriting project 7/365

there are days so challenging that all we ever want to do is surrender. well, you can. and it's not too bad. it is good for one's spirit. there is such a surrender that does not make you less of a man or woman. because there are things that happen beyond our comprehension and the … Continue reading the handwriting project 7/365

the handwriting project 6/365

today's practice is one of mark twain's.  language must not deter us from making connections with anyone.  kindness is something everybody can understand and more importantly it is something every one of us is capable of giving. may this encourage you to show a stranger a little act of kindness today. 6 down, 359 to … Continue reading the handwriting project 6/365

the handwriting project 5/365

ironically, our harshest critic is ourselves.  we need to be constantly reminded that all of us, yes, that means you and me are meant for greatness.greatness is not defined by the fame and wealth we acquire but by the good things we do for ourselves and others through selfless acts of kindness.  it can be … Continue reading the handwriting project 5/365

the handwriting project 4/365

i don't know about you but i love the smell of books - especially if they come fresh from a bookstore! but more than that, books draw me in because of stories factual or fantasy.  reading allows me to getaway without getting away,  relate with people without creating relationships, feel emotions without having any real emotional … Continue reading the handwriting project 4/365