pitter. patter. pitter. patter. pant. pant. splish. splash. pitter. patter.
past the 2km mark, it seemed i have already covered 4km.  that wasn’t a good sign.  inside my mind, i was asking what form and what mindset would i be in by the time i reach 5km?  then thoughts kept playing… in this condition, how could i go past 6km… it’s still far from the finish… oh dear… could i make it to 10km? maybe i won’t.  i was panicking so early in the race and it worried me but the rain showering us that night did me well.  it somehow helped me calm me.
pitter. patter. pitter. patter. pant. pant. splish. splash. pitter. patter
puddles and potholes were added obstacles to conquer.  in the darker areas of the route, floodlights were set up to help the runners navigate. i am sensitive to the glare and this proved to be another challenge for me. i was squinting, head bowed down to avoid the glare, careful not to bump into a runner in front of me and careful not to trip on one of the many potholes on my way.  i was running almost breathless and my muscles were tired and i couldn’t be in a more uncomfortable situation at that point. but i came there with a purpose.  i have to finish the race. and by all means, i don’t want to finish last.  so i moved on and pushed through. immediately my mind took over!  must run. must run!
pitter. patter. pant. pant. pant. splish. splash. pant. pant.
i have pushed through the pain. run. push. there still was breathlessness. push. run. i also pushed through numbing soles.  i kept thinking everyone running that night is feeling pain just like me.  i am pretty sure that the best runners do feel pain too.  the difference lies in how well each of us push through.
and just like that,
pant. pant. pant. pant. pant. pant. whoa!
under a starless rainy night, this was how long it took me to finish my very first 10km run.
i’ve finally done it!  that’s a checkmark for one of the items in my wish list this year.
it was still drizzling when we finished.  and i thank the rain for cooling my nerves.  i also have my running buddy hubby to thank. as always, he helped me go on.  he did not run his pace that night to be with me in my maiden 10.  and i am so glad he was there otherwise, i would have quit at the halfway mark.
and by the way, hubby and i did not finish last 🙂
pat. pat. pat… on the back
cheers, everyone!

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