of soles and heels

just over a year ago, my shoe closet was a busy one.  each pair of heels gets their own dose of sunshine as i strut my way to the office five times a week.  i hardly wear flats.  i only own two or so but i’ve always thought flat shoes make me look tad wider.  i prefer high heels.  i walk better with them.  they may not be the most comfortable especially when you are up on your feet for more than 2 hours during lectures or presentations.  but comfort takes a backseat as far as looking good is concerned. the prettier the shoes, more likely it hurts.  who’s complaining? 

but shoes can make or break an outfit.  i wore jeans to work every single day.  but my high heels have always saved me from looking too casual.  no, i don’t wear the outrageously expensive kind.  i don’t own any louboutin nor any jimmy choo.  but i would be the first one to dive into sale racks, if there ever is one for these brands.  if there is one kind of splurging i have not done, its on shoes.i guess i just refuse to pay so much money to punish my feet.  with shoes, i am the mid-range type of girl. while i don’t pay big bucks, i do not sacrifice craftsmanship. they’re shoes! they should look fab and expensive! 

but now that i have given up my corporate hat, my high heels have been in the dark.  just like puff the magic dragon, they now rest quietly inside their boxes, untouched except during dusting time. will i be wearing them again soon?  i guess my pumps would be way too dressy for picking up my girls from school.  doing groceries with my stilettos is certainly out of the question.  and most certainly, i would rather be barefoot running than run for miles wearing my wedges.

my heels have done me good.  while they would not be part of my daily fare anymore but they have turned into special glam treats for my feet.  

my daily grind calls for a different kind of shoes.  the kind that does not scream. the kind that’s kind to the soles. the kind i can safely drive with.

there are shoes for each one of us.  whether we need it climb corporate ladders or real ones… run errands or run miles for a marathon… eat caviar or catch fish so people can enjoy eating caviar… watch ballet or dance it…  

we all wear different kinds.  

they help keep us grounded, keep our balance, guard our feet and uplift our spirits.

so, what kind of shoes are you wearing today?

your thoughts...

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