the red-haired doll

yesterday, we have sent off daughter to her first field trip.  this wasn't really her first time, but it was her first time to go without us as her chaperone. my daughter though she's already seven is still a baby.  she still has to figure out how to zip her skirt, tie her shoe lace … Continue reading the red-haired doll

freebies – holidays gift tags set

i have been spending a lot of quality time with mac, ai and ps. and we have been having great times together. am eager to share with you some of the work that i have done with them. for starters, here's a set of christmas tags set which i have painstakingly put together after going … Continue reading freebies – holidays gift tags set


pitter. patter. pitter. patter. pant. pant. splish. splash. pitter. patter. past the 2km mark, it seemed i have already covered 4km.  that wasn't a good sign.  inside my mind, i was asking what form and what mindset would i be in by the time i reach 5km?  then thoughts kept playing... in this condition, how … Continue reading 1:25:20

of soles and heels

just over a year ago, my shoe closet was a busy one.  each pair of heels gets their own dose of sunshine as i strut my way to the office five times a week.  i hardly wear flats.  i only own two or so but i've always thought flat shoes make me look tad wider. … Continue reading of soles and heels