who needs a makeover?

this blog does!
my favorite web designer Pat of Fancy Girl Designs is sponsoring a blog makeover giveaway.  a few days ago, i already knew she was doing it and the minute I have read her post launching the contest, i immediately worked on the mechanics and quickly submitted my entry. huh!  mine was the first post hahaha… winners will be drawn at random so rushing my entry doesn’t really count.
if you check out her work, you wouldn’t blame me for being such an eager beaver.  check out her portfolio which includes work for my sites scentsibilities and etc schoppe.  she has an amazing eye for beauty and detail and she is pleasantly easy to work with.  i follow her blog as it gives me a dose of inspiration everyday.  she does more than just web design.  she paints too! i actually have her site bookmarked on my toolbar.  
if you wish to know more about her work, i suggest you visit her main site.  believe me when i say that doing such would make you want to own a site or two sporting a Fancy Girl design.

your thoughts...

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