it isn't hard to find happiness.its all over us. like falling leaves on a windy day, it hovers around looking for somebody to notice as it gracefully twirls around and dances to the sound of the wind.  sadly though, most of us would bow our heads, careful not to get dust in our eyes and made-up … Continue reading happiness

sun shines

the sun is shining on this side of the web.  my favorite designer of Fancy Girl Designs is giving me a free blog makeover!  thanks for being my sunshine today, Pat.meanwhile, this reluctant blogger is saying

good morning

artwork by the reluctant bloggerthank God, the sun shines again this day and it makes me feel good.i am sure sunshine does the same for everyone. sunshine is our beacon for hope that the rest of the day will breeze by with us smiling all the way. God gave us sunshine to keep us hoping. wouldn't … Continue reading good morning

who needs a makeover?

emmakisstinathis blog does!my favorite web designer Pat of Fancy Girl Designs is sponsoring a blog makeover giveaway.  a few days ago, i already knew she was doing it and the minute I have read her post launching the contest, i immediately worked on the mechanics and quickly submitted my entry. huh!  mine was the first … Continue reading who needs a makeover?

getting by…

artwork and illustration by this bloggerso, you wish to wear plain tees and jeans to the parent-teacher conference tomorrow, when you know that all the other parents will be neat and dapper?(ok, just... wear it with a chunky necklace and killer heels)you want to eat spaghetti for breakfast?(ok, just... skip the mid-morning snack)you want to let the … Continue reading getting by…