It’s Amazing!

image by:  works of heart

My favorite webdesigner Pat uploaded a number of digital posters today and this one struck a chord.

With most of us preoccupied with allsorts, most of the time we get up in the morning like machines.  We’re very mechanical. Already our minds making a mental map of what needs to be done during the day.  If we’re lucky enough not to forget each one as the day progresses, we get back to bed at night saying, “i’ve survived”

Do we ask ourselves how? How do you feel at the end of the day? Most would probably say ‘I’m happy because I finished my work.’ But how many of us will go ahead and say “I’m happy I’ve survived the day and I was amazing!”
Doesn’t the latter feel more fulfilling?  Since there is an added element of human state, it’s a couple of steps above machine-like achievements.  When we say ‘I survived the day!’ Sure, we can picture a jubilant person probably with outstretched hands, all sweaty and catching her breath.  

Then picture somebody who says ‘I survived the day and I was amazing!’ and we could likewise imagine a jubilant person with outstretched hands, but unlike the other person, this one has blushing cheeks and radiant from the inside.

And really, it doesn’t take much to be radiant at day’s end.  It’s all about the mindset.  

The next time we wake up in the morning and our mind gets flooded with chores, let’s add one more thing to the list:

Be amazing.

Cheers everyone!

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