Positive Steps

image by miss capricho


now, these European daydreams have been leading me to a lot of good lately.

First, i am inspired to do better in my enterprise – gotta make more money! more money means I am closer to my first European adventure – no extra money means i stay home while hubby takes off on a lonely flight to Sicily.

Second, it got me reading.  It has been a habit of mine to read about the places I wish to go to.  Its a good way to assess if the trip is worth making.  Admittedly, my knowledge about Europe is limited to postcard images.  And going through the tons of materials on the web about these places has added several dimensions to the current knowledge base I have.  I have never enjoyed reading museum articles as much as I did in the past few days.  Maybe because there is an additional element of anticipation that I might be able to get closer to these places and artworks and see them with my own eyes.

As of this writing, I am still not sure if I will make the trip to Italy and get the chance to see Tuscany, The Vatican, David and Venus, among others.  But if I make it or not, I’ve done nothing but gain out of it.  I have positively pushed myself to work harder.  Additionally I have earned extra pounds of knowledge about the richness of Europe and its art and culture.

Meanwhile this daydream still remains forse 

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