psyching myself for another run

Last night, my husband told me that he signed me up for another 5k run.  I thought it was sweet of him.  Then I asked “when’s the run?”  “on Sunday”, he said with a smile.  Now here is what went on inside my head.

“whaaaa!!!!  Sunday is a few days from now!  I need to train!  It’s been months since I last ran 5k!  Last Saturday, I did some running but that was not close to 5k!  I am not ready! what if I don’t break my PR?! what if i don’t finish it?! what if i walk half the time?! – that would be one hell of a blow for my ego.  No way will i walk half the time!  well, I can use a little breather… but only for a few seconds… great! I hope they have water stations!… what will I wear?… i just got a haircut, now I need hairpins!”

these thoughts run wild inside my head while I silently start panting. “huff… huff.. huff..” I am way too proud to admit my panic. Oh dear…

Now, here’s the plan:

–  I only have Saturday to practice.  I will try to do two laps around the oval, I know too well that I should not get too tired if I were to run a race the following day
–  I will not think about breaking my PR, that’s way too much competitive thinking.
–  I will run for myself.  I will not try to think about outrunning the person in front of me.  I will run at my own pace and enjoy the wind on my face
–  I have to find my i-pod! I enjoy running with music, I last longer when I have them on.  where is my i-pod? guess, its time to clean my closet 🙂
–  buy pocari sweat!  and gatorade for my husband.
–  I will read the Runner’s World magazine lying around the house just to see if I can get any last minute tips for an anxious runner like I am… now, where did i see that magazine? hmmm
–  and last but not the least…  I will remember how it always feels to cross the finish line  whew!

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Rodic’s tapsilog after the practice run on Saturday.


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