Making a list for 2011

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope everybody had a grand time during the holidays.

Well, most of us has gone back to work and school fresh and recharged!   Have you drafted your resolutions for 2011?  I haven’t.  Not because I do not have bad habits to break and goals to make.  I have ’em too just like you.  I just don’t conceptualize it as a New Year’s resolution.  To me, everything we need to do to improve our lives need not wait for New Year.  It has to be within us everyday of the year.  So, if we feel that we have been procrastinating a task sometime June, we have got to do something about it by June! not January, not December.

But then, having said that, I wish everybody’s New Year’s resolutions be favorably resolved!  Have a blissful year ahead!

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