Hello Tuesday!

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday morning!What plans have you got for today?Tuesday is really not the most popular day of the week.  There's not a lot to remember it by. Reasons like, it's not a weekend, It's not the first day of the week nor is it the last, its not even the middle. It's a … Continue reading Hello Tuesday!

Ways to go green (part 1)

"Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference." - Jane Goodall Ever heard of carbon footprint and how crucial it is to have one's footprint lowered to save Mother Earth from further destruction?  It's good to know that there are several industrial entities doing such.  But here are some … Continue reading Ways to go green (part 1)

Making a list for 2011

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope everybody had a grand time during the holidays. Well, most of us has gone back to work and school fresh and recharged!   Have you drafted your resolutions for 2011?  I haven't.  Not because I do not have bad habits to break and goals to make.  I have 'em … Continue reading Making a list for 2011

psyching myself for another run

Last night, my husband told me that he signed me up for another 5k run.  I thought it was sweet of him.  Then I asked "when's the run?"  "on Sunday", he said with a smile.  Now here is what went on inside my head."whaaaa!!!!  Sunday is a few days from now!  I need to train! … Continue reading psyching myself for another run