i am a shutterbug

ever since i got a hold of my first self-bought camera (kodak advantix), i have fallen in love with taking photographs…
i found myself drawn to shooting landscapes – something I used to draw all the time when I was still without a camera.
Eventually, I moved up to digital – Canon Ixus. And i have fallen even more! Without having any film to waste, i took shots like there was no tomorrow. I have transformed from a careful, precise shooter to a trigger-happy shutterbug. Of course, not all the shots were fantastic but having the luxury of digital space i have managed to try all sorts of shots – centered, off-centered, wide, tight, colored, b/w, sepia… I have never missed shooting anything.
and just when I thought my Ixus was the best, I was introduced to EOS. Never mind the fact that it was bulky and heavy! I wanted one.
Seeing how fantastic this DSLR can shoot made me more curious. I realized there’s more to learn. Aperture, ISO, f/stops, exposure… so I was off with my bulky new camera to Intramuros to attend a photography workshop so i can become a better photographer.
No longer do I love to shoot just landscapes.  Photographing people has become my new favorite, especially the tight ones.  I love being able to capture emotions through the eyes.  This picture below is that of a very shy local girl from Rizal.  We were on a road trip and happen to stop at one of the view decks in the highway and came across a group of kids who are selling local candies.  Of the three, the one on the photograph was the most shy. 
I also love taking silhouette shots, like the one below.  Taken inside one Singapore Airlines flight.  I love how the light from the window lent just enough light to show my subject’s face who was a colleague of mine.
another silhouette shot taken at dusk, during a hot air balloon festival.  Notice how the angle managed to outline all of the subject’s facial features (hair, brows, eyelid, nose, lips, chin), identifying her unmistakably as a foreigner.
hey, hang on a ‘sec.  Is that a naughty finger?
Here are a couple of church pictures I took a few years back.
But then again, I still love my landscapes.
gotta get going.  
there’s more to photograph out there.

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