learning how to run

Backtracking several months back….   I remember everytime i tell people  “I don’t know how to run”, I always get a quizzical look “how can you not know how to run?  It’s human nature?”  Perhaps they didn’t realize that i was referring to the sport, running.  When I have enrolled myself in a gym years back, I have always struggled with the treadmill.  It intimidated me.  I felt like a loser everytime I step on it because I couldn’t get myself to run even 4.5 km/h for 10 seconds without hurting my feet and my legs.  Seeing the others beside me do it, makes me feel worse.  So, I said goodbye to treadmills and hello cardio dance classes!  Sure, I wasn’t the most graceful student everytime, but I got what I wanted – a good sweat and cardio workout.

But you know what, I still did not give up on the idea that I could run! Why can’t I? Am I doing something wrong? Are my steps awkward?  Am I too heavy, perhaps 🙂 (but that’s another story).    Was it the shoes? I thought to myself “nah, can’t be the shoes, I’m wearing Nike Free!” I have resigned the idea of running and turned to biking instead!

Hah!  I love it.  It gave me a chance to workout outdoors.  Something I haven’t done before.  I love the wind on my face, i love passing scenes, i love passing runners, i love passing slower bikers, i also love being passed by the faster bikers too.  I biked around lakes, parks, and discovered the beauty of the UP campus in Diliman.  Outdoor workouts have been a weekend habit since.  I bike, while my husband runs.  He got into fun runs and I willingly went with him in all of his runs.  I saw him off at his gunstarts and met him in his finish lines.  This has sparked my renewed interest for running.  I thought it would be nice to run with him during his races.  

Last April, we went out of the country for a vacation so I have missed my biking routine for quite a while.  My husband got me a pair of adidas running shoes during the trip and retired my hot pink Nike free. When we came back home, I have decided not to bring the bike to UP and try running.  Using my new adidas pair, I have planned to walk/run/walk around the oval for at least one lap.  I was told to slow it down and take it easy.  And that’s what I did.  I also ran up and down the stairs of Melchor and Palma halls to get my heart rate up.  As I increased my laps, I also slowly increased my running minutes while decreasing my walking time.     I slowly found my rhythm and have been increasing my running mileage since then.  To date, I have joined and finished 4 fun runs.  Last weekend, I have finished my 2nd 5km run 5 minutes better than my PR.  I have been on a high and can’t wait for the weekend so I can replace my homemaker hat with my sports cap and put on my trusty pair of adidas and hit the road. 

I knew how to run afterall!

And yes, it definitely pays to have good shoes.

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